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The humble squirrel logo chosen in 1954 has today become a symbol of high quality fashion; a guarantee of Bivolino's skiful, professional production techniques that have been honed over many years. It has been said that the bivolino brand has similarities to the squirrel - it has a personalised style, and moves quickly and elegantly with freedom.

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Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

Only around 121.000 red squirrels are left in scotland today Without sustained action, the red squirrel could become extinct on mainland Scotland

 Starting in April 2012, Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels is a two-year partnership project which aims to halt the decline of red squirrel populations in key areas of north Scotland and slow down or contain the spread of the deadly squirrelpox disease in South Scotland. It builds on the earlier three-year Phase 1 SSRS Project and Phase 4 of the RSSS project.

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"When we first came to Cavers some 22 years ago there was a strong population of red squirrels but over the years they completely disappeared. Last year - 2016 - saw the return of red squirrels to our estate, the first sighting for 19 years" W P Allison, Scottish Borders  

"The last 12 months have seen red squirrels return to areas where they have not been seen for a number of years" Sian Williams, Ayrshire Squirrel Group  

“For the first time in many years we are seeing young red squirrels on the farm” Bryan J Bell, Farmer and B&B proprietor

Donation for the red squirrel:

In homage to the animal that inspired the brand logo, Bivolino currently supports two projects in fighting the extintion of red squirrels in Scotland: 'Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels' (SSRS) and 'Red Squirrels in South Scotland'. These two projects are both connected to the 'Scottish Wildlife Trust' project.

Scottish Wildlife Trust is a registered charity established in 1964 with the purpose to advance the conservation of Scotland's biodiversity for the benefit of present and future generations. They're a network of healthy and resilient ecosystems supporting communities of native species accross large areas of Scotland's land and seas. This is the "Ecosystem Scale Approach" and is part of the Wildlife Trusts UK Living Landscapes and Living Seas initiative.  

For the project of 'Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels' (SSRS), it is estimated that the next 2 years programme of works will cost a further £1 million. Stewart Stevenson (Minister for the Environment & Climate Change) announced a further £350,000 of funding for the project from Scottish Natural Heritage.

Bivolino is pleased to support the programme with a donation. What about you? Donate now!





Bivolino supports the programme of Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

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