Everybody designer on new online shirt platform

Bivolino, the Limburg manufacturer of tailored shirts, let everyone create their own designs on their online platform. Using a 3D configurator, everyone can design their own shirts and make them available at Bivolino.

Open platform for designs

Bivolino has been selling custom-made shirts for twe...

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Customized shirt
Many men think that a shirt is worn loosely, so that customization is unnecessary. A misunderstanding. Especially with the shirt, every millimeter is important. And not only at the edge. Almost every man is different. An experienced tailor corrects unevenness in the shoulder ...

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Tunics, blouses, shirts and knights of the Crusades



At the end of the Middle Ages, nobles yearned for the true chivalry that had been passé for a few centuries. For entertainment they held tournaments where the knights of yore were greatly idealized. In reality, the knights of the early Middle Ages were part of the first Crusades to save the ...

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Made to Measure shirt and Art

My Twitter account is @Shirtlover, flowerlover, artlover,

Bespoke Shirts


art and flowers

Let’s merge art , custom shirts and flowers. Painters Jan Lantinne , Gordon Hopkins and Mieke Vanmechelen . Graficus Cees Andriessen. Their paintings and artworks embedded by digital printing into luxury shirts. Real-time rendering empowers straight forward visualisation from the 3D shirt configurator, whereas consumers can produce own designs. Revenue sharing is key in this innovative business model as artists and fashion companies work together disrupting fashion and design. Jan Latinne (Belgium) is a multidisciplinary artist. Bright funny faces and colors.
Gordon Hopkins an american artist, born 1965. His work finds its strength in his unique technique and use of strong color. He often sets the outline of everyday objects over layers of color, building up the material using Oil bar and paint.Patterns, forms, fish,gardens to landscapes are some of the the many subjects in his work. Currently living and working in Brussels Belgium and through his travels throughout Europe he gathers new ideas and images for his paintings. “ In my work as an artist it is very important for me to explore the use of bold colors with many layers, repetition and larger then life format.I like to accentuate or exaggerate a sometimes ordinary object or image. The composition often breaks down into an imaginary world of outlines and colorful backgrounds creating depth and movement.” His representation emphasizes the beauty and perhaps overlooked context of our natural surroundings. He works primarily with oil bar, and oil paint on linen and board. Gordon's work brings with it a sense of exploration, an interpretation of our surroundings from his point of view, filled with color and a sense of joy. “It is often just the simple form that can have a great impact and become very important in my work.” The imaginary garden.
Mieke Vanmechelen (b. 1974, Antwerp, Belgium) lives and works in Ireland. She received her BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Classical Civilisation from Trinity College Dublin (1996) and completed an MA (First Class Hons) in Art & Process at Crawford College of Art & Design (2014). Vanmechelen is Kerry Filmmaker in Residence 2017. The Filmmaker in Residence is a partnership between Kerry County Council and The Arts Council. It is supported by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Trustees of Muckross House. As an expanded partnership it demonstrates the ethos of Creative Ireland, enabling creativity in every community. Recent projects, screenings and exhibitions include: I non (I), Performance for DAW MIDSUMMER MADNESS Takeover, at Leyden Gallery London; Documentary film Rath, Dingle International Film Festival (2017), winning the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature. DAW 5th Edition Exhibition, Granby Space, Waterloo, London (2017); Showcase, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Kerry (2016); The Byvoet Archive, Modemuseum Hasselt Belgium (2016). Her work was part of The ProCreate Project touring archive, The Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University; Lace Gallery, Nottingham; Manhattan College Annual M.O.M. Conference, New York and London Southbank University (2015). Screening and presentation, The Bee and The Great Mother: Motherhood and Creative Practice: Maternal Structures in Creative Work, School of Arts and Creative Industries, London South Bank University (2015); invited speaker at ICT Lisbon (EU Information and Communication Technologies Summit 2015). ‘Epona’ screened as part of Horse, Void Derry (2015). Mieke Vanmechelen’s work often touches on mythological themes and carries symbolic or archetypical imagery. Looking at the relationship between the paradigms of male and female, the transgression of boundaries, she uses the body and nature as exploratory sites of convergence and co-emergence. Her main area of enquiry relates to the psychological realms concerned with the processes of ‘subjectivisation’ and involves exploring themes such as sexuality, familial bonds, traces of memory and the order of time. A sense of place pervades her practice and she draws on the imagery of cultural history and an inherent connection between living beings and the natural world. ;
Cees (C.C.J.) Andriessen (Netherlands - Wageningen, 20 march 1940) leads in non-figurative art. His oeuvre are dessins from linoleum- and wood-cuts with exlibrisses. The whole is abstract, the forms are clear, the colorshadings subtile. Cees Andriessen lives and works in Apeldoorn.

Art-in-Shirt . Art in bespoke Shirts .


Matching Art-in-Shirt, combined with lifestyle images from nature with flowers gives an extra dimension to fashion and art . Art in bespoke fashion . The consumer buys uniqueness , unique artwork translated in a unique garment. Each produced shirt is different, and made to consumer’s own measurements. The designs can be allover printed, or designed as contrast collar and cuffs. Prints are from cotton, polyester coton , with silk for accessories.

This disruptive supply chain is illustrated in this video from Cees Andriessen cfr Open Garments  , look up

Bivolinolover , get inspired by Pinterest Bivolino Arty board

Bivolino collaborates with 20 artists allover Europe. Each artist delivers 2 to 3 designs per year . The Bivolino Arty collection offers shirts starting 130€. Exclusively online. The online tailors from Bivolino add with the Bivolino Arty range a World Premiere.

Other Bivolino Artists:

Gaby Bovelander,Emeke Buitelaar, Henk klinkhamer, Jasper Oostland, Peter Klashorst,Gerard Prent, Angenelle Thijssen, and Jan Peter van Opheusden collaborate with Bivolino Arty. All artists have an international reputation.

Consumer can chose for allover prints-in-shirts, or play with contrast collar, inner-plackets and cuffs Unique Smoking, Black-Tie or Cocktail shirts.

On, the Arty Collection, create your design, enter your biometric sizes and order. Made to measure, bespoke, tailormade and customised.

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The Tailor, tailor-made specialist, tailor-made shirts, hand-made shirts and shirts-by-hand


cutaway shirt by hand


Louis Byvoet - tailor from the Belgian Hasselt in the fifties, had a huge stock of fabrics. The word 'striped' does not say enough here. In addition, there are plain fabrics in all shades, different checks and freak patterns, such as herringbone. A well-tailored shirt distinguishes you from the crowd and shows that you choose quality.

Bespoke shirts

are distinguished by the fit and quality down to the detail. Very fine stitching, unlimited choice of collars, cuffs, other details and extremely many fabrics. The inside of the collar and cuff are also adapted to the type of carrier, season and fabric. The mother-of-pearl buttons provide a rich look.

The Tailor
Choosing and measuring one or more shirts takes about half an hour. Twelve body measurements are measured and the body posture is extensively examined. Together with you we determine among other things the degree of tailoring and the sleeve lengths.

Measuring tailor-made shirts
Measuring is the most fascinating moment in custom-made shirts and almost a 'sacred' act in dressmaking.
First the chest circumference is measured at the level of the armpits. Whether the custom-made shirt should fit tightly there, is decided later on when drawing the pattern.
Then the size of the waist circumference is taken and when a suit has been ordered, the measurements for the vest and the waistband must also be measured.
Then the hips are next. In doing so, the customer must ensure that his pockets are empty and he stands with his legs together, otherwise the size can not be taken properly.
The arms are measured separately, with most people the arms are different in length.
The width of the back is measured to check the chest size.
The length of the back determines the length of the hand-made shirt. The collar is not counted.
The size of the neck must be accurately measured. In order that the collar does not become too tight after washing, some width must be added. The customer must decide for himself how tight or wide he wants the collar.
After measuring, the pattern is drawn on paper, cut out and traced on the fabric. The tailor must ensure that the pattern at the seams runs smoothly when using fabric with a pattern. The fit is improved when fitting. Difference in height at the shoulders can be camouflaged in this way in the back.

Do you want shirts made to measure? Made entirely by hand? Where possible, traditional tailors now use a sewing machine. Yet much is still done by hand.
Thus real custom-made shirts. Real hand-made-shirts, authentic shirts-by-hand.
Buttons are always turned on by hand. However, the buttonholes are only manually folded at the request of the customer.
When the business shirt is ready, it is expertly ironed once more, before it is wrapped in foil, to give it to the customer. The luxurious tailored shirt can be picked up a few days or weeks after the fitting. If desired, it can also be sent. Professional knowledge and craft lead to quality. We have been leading tailors for years, we have our own master tailor and we check every suit and every shirt on the smallest details. Shirt made to measure at
Bivolino offers you unlimited possibilities for your tailor-made shirts, with your initials and a large choice of fabrics. In addition to the Fully-Tailored option (where you have to measure 12 body measurements yourself) <ahref=""> , there is the biometric measurement system that meets height, age and weight. The 100% fit guarantee ensures that you are completely free for the first size shirt, if you can not expect a second customized shirt.
Unique stylish bespoke shirts are made by hand with the passion and tradition of 3 generations of shirt makers at Bivolino. We make shirts with the perfect fit of the best quality fabrics entirely to your wishes.
Are you looking for a high quality digital tailor ? Discover the craftsmanship of Bivolino.

Bespoke tailoring: putting together the perfect measure
Most tailored shirts are currently not custom-made, but made-to-measure. Standard patterns and fits are adjusted to create a shirt. Bespoke is derived from the English 'to bespeak'. In the past, the wishes and choices of the customer were personally discussed with the tailor. The selected fabrics and materials were subsequently 'discussed' or reserved for the customer.
Bivolino still works according to this traditional tailor tradition, where the wishes of the customer are central to making a unique perfectly fitting shirt. The possibilities of a 'bespoke' measure are actually unlimited.
You are therefore very welcome in our lab in Hasselt Belgium to see how our digital value chain is managed. Your patterns will be carefully stored so that you can easily order a new custom made shirt with us in the future.
At Bivolino you buy a mtm shirt that makes you feel comfortable and has years of pleasure. Standard we deliver within 2 weeks, but on request we can also make a complete bespoke shirt within a week.

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