What is a satin blouse?

Satin, it is the beauty secret of many stars and we also enjoy our satin blouses.

What is satin?

Surprise! Satin is not a material at all, but a weaving technique. Is there satin in the name then it says something about the way of weaving. With this weaving technique, four weft threads run over one warp thread, creating a beautiful shine. Also, yarns can be woven very close together, making the fabric wonderfully smooth. And that's exactly what it is: a weaving technique that makes the fabric smooth and shiny.

What are the benefits of satin?

According to the legends, satin clothing creates shiny silky hair, less wrinkles and pure skin. Thanks to the soft shine andsmooth satin weave you glide over the smooth satin fabric, so your skin does not crease.

What is the difference between polyester satin and cotton satin?

Increasingly, 100% satin is referred to the polyester cotton, which is widely used for satin blouses and lingerie. It can also refer to cotton satin and this is often the case when it comes to satin blouses. The biggest difference is that polyester satin is a very shiny synthetic fabric and cotton satin is a natural with a fine sheen. In addition to the beautiful shine, cotton satin is strongly moisture-absorbent, air-permeable and works nicely in the summer. Cotton satin feels smooth and extra luxurious on the skin. The more inexpensive synthetic polyester satin is not air-permeable, therefore does not absorb moisture and is static and fire-hazardous.

And what is the difference with silk?

Where satin is a weaving technique, silk is really a natural product. Both, however, have a shiny appearance and provide a beautiful flowing blouse. The funny thing is that satin blouses can also be made of silk material, although we would always describe it as 100% silk. The biggest difference is in the price and real silk has a (much) higher price like cotton satin or polyester satin.

What does the thread count mean?

The thread count (TC) is literally the thread density of the fabric. Satin has many more threads than other cotton fabrics, because the yarns are woven very close together. The quality of satin is therefore always at least 220 TC and this means that the fabric is woven with 220 threads per inch. Everything under 220 wires is not really satin.

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Is there also 'fake' satin on the market?

Yes, unfortunately there are also satin blouses that actually are not satin at all. We are talking about cheap blouses of mercerized cotton or 'pearl cotton'. This cotton has been treated with strong chemical solutions to make it smoother, stronger and shiny. Mercerized cotton may be sold as cotton satin by that gloss, but it has no satin weave.

Afraid that satin is too smooth and too shiny?

Then we can reassure you. Yes, cotton satin feels wonderfully soft and smooth. But it is certainly not too smooth and too shiny. Cotton is naturally a bit dull and cotton satin is less slippery than that typical polyester satin.

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