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made to measure shirt online

Design your unique custom blouse .
Always dreamed of a

custom-made blouse

that exactly matches your body and wishes? Then the Bivolino “ Shirt Designer ” is the tool that will fulfill your wish. With the configurator you can design and order an unique blouse. All options are visualized in real time in a virtual 3D model of the blouse.
Many options and possibilities - start designing blouses!
The Bivolino “Shirt Designer“ offers possibilities to make the shirt even more unique and personal. In addition to the choice of fit, collar type and sleeve length, it is also possible to work with different fabrics as contrasts. Even the color of the buttons and the button thread can be chosen. Adding a monogram is also possible.
Production and delivery time
Your self-designed blouse is hand-made by our specialized staff with extra care and attention. The shirt will be delivered within 10 days.
Design your

blouse online

without measuring tape
No tape measure required and 100% fit guarantee through our patented Biometric Sizing Technology Input of length, age, weight, cup size and desired fit is sufficient for a perfect fitting blouse. Your sleeve length will be adjusted automatically. There are 3 fits from which you can choose - tailored, slim and princess slim:
If you are not 100% satisfied as a new customer, a second blouse will be sent at no additional cost. You can keep the first blouse. So, no returns, zero waste. Optionally, for new customers, FULL-TAILOR is available: Specify your 10 body measurements.
Buy unique blouses 
A custom-made blouse fits always better than the off-the-shelf blouse. Because everybody is unique, a simple off-the-rack women's shirt can never have the perfect fit. Tailored blouses and custom made blouses are tailored to your body shape. And once you have passed the correct measurements, which is surprisingly simple with our 3D Shirt Designer , the sizes will be saved so that next purchases no longer requires "custom work"; only 1click!
Tailored Blouses
and Wrinkle Free Fabrics
Of course, a perfect fit requires perfect fabrics. For this reason, our buyers follow the latest trends for over 20 years, with fabrics being selected at Première Vision – Paris, for quality, comfort and design. All our custom blouses are made from the finest cotton. Bespoke blouses should not only be beautiful and comfortable, especially the fabric contributes to the luxury experience and a sublime wearer's enjoyment. Within our cotton collection, easy-care materials are available, creating a custom-made non-iron blouse within a few minutes.
, accessible to every women
Our custom blouses are available online: effortlessly order custom blouses online. In addition, we offer you fair prices; bespoke blouses available and affordable for every women. Our custom blouses are available in different price categories. From £50,- you can already order a unique cotton-polyester blouse tailored to the finest details and finesses. This is what it's all about; quality for every women and available online. Exactly where Bivolino stands for and focuses on her vision. Simply customize your blouses through our 3D Shirt Designer. You have a choice of options. For example, if you want to have a pocket, to design a sporty casual blouse, or just design a
Business Dress blouse
; the choice is yours.
Design your own blouse You will discover the 3D shirt designer leading to the perfect made to measure blouse . All fabrics are from the finest cotton. The cotton fabrics are available in white, plain, checkered and striped designs. You can add contrast fabrics; this way you can customize your blouse with a contrasting inner collar, inner cuffs, or other parts of the shirt.
Style your

made to measure blouse

If you have selected a fabric, you can shape your blouse. Within the options, you have all the freedom to choose whether to wear a pocket, double cuffs, or just single button cuffs. Do you want long sleeves, or short sleeves? Experience the difference between off the rack and tailored blouses .
Design your own ultimate shirts individually tailored to your personal body size. Choose your favorite refined fabric, selected from the best Italian weavers. Add some exclusive custom items such as removable bones, pearl buttons, an embroidered monogram and more ... Design your own fashion tailored blouse according to an individual pattern. Select your trendy high quality fabrics and start designing your custom blouse with ultimate fashion features such as high collars with 3 buttons, contrasting collars, cuffs and closure. Vertical stripes, multi-colored buttons and stitches, trendy monogram, .. the choice is yours!.
World Premiére: design your ultimate Arty Customized Blouse. Arty shirts processes the images and drawings of the artist’s paintings: from colorful, flowered, graffiti to Pop-Art. Choose from paintings by 10 famous Belgian and Dutch artists!
10 reasons to try a custom Bivolino blouse
  • Simplify measurements without measuring tape;
  • Always the perfect fit; the blouses are made especially for you;
  • Our blouses compete with Hugo Boss, Suitsupply, Armani, Zegna and Lacoste;
  • Order online - without endless searching for the perfect blouse;
  • Choice of 500+ fabrics - no longer depending on what is available in your collar size;
  • 25 kinds of collars, so one for every occasion;
  • Choose from 12 types of cuffs;
  • Additional options like chest pockets, color buttons, etc., you decide now;
  • Manage the sizes of your blouses yourself from your account;
  • Always the opportunity for advice from our tailors.

Personalized blouses online

Buy personalized womens shirts and blouses online
A made to measure blouse gives a feeling of authenticity and uniqueness. As everybody is unique, an off-the-rack blouse will never offer the fit and comfort from a custom made blouse. Bespoke blouses are produced to fit a customer’s own size profile. To get exact measurements is fairly easy at Bivolino using the biometric sizing estimator whereas no tape measure is required to obtain a fitted shirt: 'tailor made' in 1 click, ordered in 5 minutes. Bivolino offers a fit guarantee for the first blouse: a second blouse is reproduced for free and you get to keep the first blouse. Biometric Sizing Technology, warranty 100% satisfied!

Big and tall blouses, extra long womens shirts and large women’s blouses
Buying online extra long sleeve women shirts for tall women is easy at Bivolino: height, age, weight and cupsize are the only necessary measurement parameters in order to produce a decent tailor made dress blouse. Shirtlovers, fashion addicts really love beautiful women shirts: they wear them each day for a casual or smart city look, for business or for weekend. The comfort feeling is the top priority: the made to measure blouse needs to be perfectly cutted and fitted. The slim fit is much appreciated nowadays and available at Bivolino online. Much is in the fabric choice: fine smooth, lightweighted and durable cotton poplin 2fold fabrics always look smart at work or play. Made from the finest Sea Island two-fold 100% cotton. Matching bespoke blouses with accessories completes the wardrobe for a perfect fashion closet. Ties, bowties, suit handkerchiefs, neckerchiefs, scarves, boxershorts, pocket squares and cufflinks are the ‘must haves’ in a women’s dressing. All available at Bivolino Online. Easy to order, all inspired for a smarter look.

Non-Iron fabrics for business shirts
A perfect fit request a perfect fabric. Since over 50 years, our purchase managers follow and detect fashion trends; fabrics are selected for their quality, comfort, sustainability, eco-footprint and design. Most women shirts are made from Egyptian cotton poplins and twills. Our wide range of wrinkle-free shirts and easy-care shirts are Oeko-tex 100 certified (ÖkoTex 100 standard). Bivolino, the convenience of designing as well as ordering exclusive tailored women shirts online! Custom made women shirts designed using a vast choice of fabrics. Bivolino is your online store for made-to-measure blouses and custom clothes, to dress the entire world in personalised blouses. With Bivolino, you are your own designer. Tailor-made women shirts in high-quality fabrics and with your measurements.

Made to Measure blouses online, also mobile
Our bespoke blouses can easily be ordered on tablet and smartphone through our responsive mobile website a quick buy, in the train, the car, the airplane, whilst waiting, in brief ‘Shirts on the go’! Bivolino offers sharp and competitive prices, affordable for every shirtlover. Liberty and Thomas Mason fabrics are available . Bivolino delivers the women shirts within 2 weeks, directly at home or at access points allover the world. Perfect fit guaranteed with fastest shipping! Bivolino, as a shirtmaker wants to fulfill all your shirt desires.

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