Sell Shirts

The displayed Gallery shirts are created and ordered by Bivolino fans, designers and customers, whom, registered as vendors, earn 5% on net revenue. 

Where your creativity is rewarded!

Make money selling your designed and purchased shirts, published on Bivolino’s Shirt Gallery. 


From Designer to Vendor.

A designer creates and purchases Bivolino shirts through the 3D shirt configurator. As vendor he/she can also earn money for each sale done of his/her published shirts.

Earn money with Bivolino: With Bivolino you can earn more money with your ideas than anywhere else in this industry: as a Gallery Shirt Designer!

Gallery designers, purchasing MtM shirts at benefit from traffic and marketing from Bivolino and get the affiliate commission for every own shirt design sold. As a designer selling your own made to measure shirt-design, you get the vendor commission for your product sold in our Gallery. This amounts to 5% of the income of the shirt, less transport costs and VAT. Payout will be done monthly via Banktranfert allover Europe.

How does it works?

Crucial here is the notice of designer-buyer: indeed prior to become vendor you need to purchase your personalized shirts at Once produced, a photo will be taken and the shirt will be displayed in the Bivolino’s shirt Gallery, mentioning your name as designer (and vendor).

In fact, the image from your produced made to measure shirt is crucial, as published in the Gallery. Bivolino handles the photshoot, as well as publishing the shirt.

Legal Sales Conditions for Bivolino vendors: Protect your intellectual property!

1. What is intellectual property - Fashion ?

Intellectual property comprises of rights related to creative work .In a broader sense, this may also include personal rights. Such legal protection may come about automatically in cases when you create a piece of (art)work, when it emerges from a prominent figure or when the utilisation of a trademark is concerned.

2. Copyrights -Fashion

In Europe, copyrights come automatically into effect on the date the work is created. In order for your design to be considered a piece of work according to copyright law, it needs to exhibit a pertinent threshold of originality.
As a creator of a design, you can decide if and how you publish it. You can use your design in whatever way you want.

3. Fashion Trademarks Rights - Personal Rights-

In case your design contains your name or a picture of yourself, personal rights may be in place as well. The name and the rights to your own image enjoy special legal protection in many countries. However, structuring and extent of personal rights may differ from country to country.

4. How do we protect your fashion designs?

Bivolino publishes, with your acceptance your shirts in the Gallery. If you want to become a vendor, your shirts needs to be published in the Gallery.

5. How can you protect your design, and what can you do if your design is being used by third parties?

The best possible protection for your designs depends on a variety of factors, e.g. on its content, context, origin or use. We recommend referring rather intricate affairs to a lawyer specialised in intellectual property. A lawyer will be able to give advice on ways and means of defensibility for your design in case third parties should use it on a different website. Bivolino  cannot give legal advice.

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