Shirt High 3 Buttons Collar - Shirt high collar

High 3buttons Collar - 3.5inch - Nr 20061


The High 3buttons Collar has 3 buttons and has a tight upper hem:

The dimensions are as follows:

High 3buttons Collar

-nr 20061:

                - height: 4.9cm/1.93 inch

                - point length: 9cm/3.5 inch

                - spread: 9.5cm/3.75 inch

hoge 3 knoops

High 3 -buttons collar.

The high 3 buttons collar is part of the

italian collar shirts

family. With its 3buttons on the collar band, this collar keeps the absolute record of collar height. What is also very typical is its collar points that are very soft and flexible with a hidden button down.The high 3 buttons collar is reserved to authentic

italian shirt lovers

. It gives a very theatral expression to the shirt. Ideal for people who want to show off with a long neck.

High 3 buttons

High 3 buttons collar
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