What is a luxery shirt?

Luxury goods, also referred to as secondary goods, are goods that do not directly meet the consumer's first necessity of life, but which consumers do derive a certain benefit from. Luxury goods are an economic commodity to which, with an increase in income, a more than proportional increase in the demand for that good arises. Feature of luxury goods is the presence of a threshold income.

Luxury goods can be placed against primary or necessary goods. A luxurious shirt is nice, but not necessary. Luxury is:

  •        expensive, exclusive. He lives in a luxury rental apartment in the center of the city.
  •       non-everyday things that are used for personal pleasure. I have experienced it as a luxury to work at home.

Buying luxery shirts online?

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Designing Luxery made to measure shirts online ?

The tailor-made shirt is of luxury quality and has a perfect fit.

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