What is an orange shirt?

Orange: the mixing color between red and yellow, stands for stimulation of the brain and appetite. Orange is an attention-grabbing color that radiates warmth and enthusiasm. Due to the combination of red and yellow, orange is a combination of the physical (red) and emotional (yellow). The warm color stands for cheerfulness, optimism, pleasure, strength, energy, attention, movement, creativity, playfulness and accessibility. Negative associations with the color are not serious, cheap and abundant.

Naturally, the color is also associated with Koningsdag and football in Holland.


Buying “Orange Shirts” online?

Stylish orange shirts that look good, are of good quality and great fit. For the European Football Championship and World Cup, King's Day, Father's Day and the Olympic Games. But also for companies and all kinds of Orange events. These are the beautiful “oranje overhemden” and orange shirts from Bivolino, in which an orange supporter looks great - at work and in private.

Orange shirts online design?

Orange shirts of the best brands for men. The choice of the color of a shirt is very personal. Shirts with the main color orange. An orange shirt is ideal for both business and casual wear. is a trusted online store for buying "orange shirts". Only the best orange shirts of the highest quality.



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