What is a pink shirt?

Pink shirts from the best brands for men. The choice of the color of a shirt is very personal. A pink shirt is ideal for both business and casual wear. is a trusted online store for buying "pink shirts". Only the best pink shirts of the highest quality.

Pink: The color pink is a predominantly feminine color, which is seen both playfully and passionately. This soft shade of red relaxes and softens and is experienced as calming. The playful associations are energy, cheerful, sweet, youthful. Passionate associations are love, drama, flirting and exciting. Because of both sides of the color, he is often used in relation to love.

The color of the moment? Pink, also known as millennial pink. Hilde Francq sees the color evolve considerably, but it will not disappear.



The unicorn, soap bubbles, rainbows and floral wreaths. Who of the first flower power generation could have predicted that they would be so hip with teenagers these days? And who would have dared to claim ten years ago that furniture brands would bring pink sofas onto the market? "Pink is the new black", explains color expert and trend watcher Hilde Francq for years. "The color is no longer childish, but pink has grown up."

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Finally a lasting trend among millennials: the color pink. Hip, emancipatory, calming, portable and photogenic. Some men praise pink shirts, others will never wear pink shirts.

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